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Please note that not all courses are taught in English!

Distinguishing characteristics of our curriculum are its sound scientific foundation, its practical relevance, and its international orientation. Building on both fundamental and recently discovered research insights, courses focus on current issues of relevance to strategic management practice. Our curriculum’s international orientation is expressed in course contents, the integration of international guest speakers, and in the numerous classes we offer in English.

Our bachelor classes follow the goal of familiarizing students with the topics of Strategic Management and to enable them to take on responsible positions in the areas of strategic management, consulting, and corporate development. Course contents focus both on analytical as well as design-oriented aspects of strategic management and leadership.

Our master-level classes seek to dig more deeply into theoretical and practice-oriented contents in the areas of strategy, leadership, and corporate governance. Our course offers are specifically designed for students who want to refine and advance their skills in these areas.

In all our courses, it is important that students do not only passively consume lecture contents but instead acquire knowledge and skills through (inter)active participation. Our seminars, case study courses, colloquia, and project courses offer special opportunities for this type of participation.

More information on our current course offering is provided on the following web pages for bachelor and master students.